Fall In Love With My Top Summer Styling Tips


Well it has been a stunning mid year and the beautiful summer dresses have been out in force. Here In this post I am going to talk about How to pick the right summer wardrobe for you however? Well I know a couple tips and traps that I would love to impart to you. Here are my main 5. 

Embrace shading 
I need to demonstrate to you my new dress from New Look, How preety it is. They do have a fabulous range of summer dresses. This Pink is bright, cheerful and glad and simply ideal for a summers day. How would you be able to ever not feel sunny in a dress this way! 

Play to your assets
If you you like your legs then show them off however in the event that your arms are a touch unstable maybe evade vest tops. Play up what you like the most and you will feel your most sure . 
Know yourself 
If you can pick say five words that characterize the style you appreciate the most then this can truly help when picking new garments. my words would be crisp, classic, preppy, lovely and plain.  These five words truly appear to characterize my style and help me pick what suits me and whatever remains of my closet the best. 

Have the right undies 
White trousers and the wrong jeans no, no, no! Bra straps appearing under spaghetti strapped tops. No. Summer clothing needs to truly be pondered! 

Try not to be a slave to mold 
Wear what you like and look great in instead of what the shops and magazines let you know is cool. What is cool is you looking great, feeling good, emphasizing your best bits. You know who you are and what you get a kick out of the chance to wear.

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