Hardwood Floor Refinishing - Tips That Can Do Wonders


If you are looking for tips to rejuvenate your hardwood flooring, only the experts will provide you with what you seek. However some of them are available on the internet. Reliable Hardwood Floor Refinishing companies have published some great tips that can make your floors like new once more, including the following.

Assess the Condition of the Hardwood
Before you can actually start refinishing your floors, it is best to evaluate whether there is a need for such an ordeal. You can start by assessing the protective polish of the flooring. You should begin by applying water on the hardwood floor that is used the most. If the water forms in beads, it means that the protective coating is still intact and you won’t need a full scale refinishing at all.

Refinishing your Hardwood Floors
Primarily, individuals are advised to ask professionals for assistance in this regard. The task is not easy as it may seem.  But if you do wish to refinish the floor on your own, you can start by getting of the old coating; which is usually made of wax, paint or varnish. This can be accomplished by using a wax stripper or acetone.

Once that’s taken care of, you can sand the floors with sand paper or a power sander accordingly. But before you do so, you should remember to remove the nails or any carpet tacks sticking out of the surface. You can then wipe the floor using a damp cloth to get rid of dust particles. After the floor has dried, you can apply a fresh coat of wax or varnish. Applying at least three coats of varnish is thoroughly advised.

Keeping these factors in mind, you can successfully refinish your flooring like any professional hardwood floor refinishing expert. It can yield fruitful results as long as you use these tips to bring out the shine that was being missed. 

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